#IMakeInPA offers a behind-the-scenes look at the experiences of real Pennsylvanians working in manufacturing. Check out the #IMakeinPA profiles below to read about those who have found personal fulfillment and success in manufacturing, and see the diverse and exciting career paths they have pursued. Their stories are a testament to how broad and varied manufacturing work can be, and how it enables many to realize their dream of making — whether it’s practical, artistic, or revolutionary.

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Jason Francis

Jason Francis – Operations Manager

I was initially hired as a laborer on first shift, painting in the foam molding department. Over the years, I’ve been involved in just about every aspect of our production — from research and development and hands-on manufacturing. [Read More]

Andrew Fish

Andrew Fish – Process Engineer

As a process engineer, I take products from a model and a tool design to a physical part using the powdered metal injection molding process. I have wanted to be an engineer since I was a freshman in high school. [Read More]

Maryland Banks

Maryland Banks – Operator I

I’ve been working at this position for approximately 4 ½ years. My typical day at work is fun, energetic, and productive while maintaining a professional attitude and relationships with other employees; [Read More]

Zach Donley

Zach Donley – Engine Assembler

I have been in my current role for about five years, and was just recently promoted. There is always room to grow and improve in manufacturing roles, and I enjoy being able to learn and grow my skillsets daily. [Read More]

Tyler Peachey

Tyler Peachey – Painter

Currently, I sandblast parts and whole goods — also paint parts and whole goods. I love seeing my vision of artistic work as a finished product. [Read More]

Tyler McCoy

Tyler McCoy – Manufacturing Engineer

A good friend of mine talked me into switching my career path to Manufacturing Engineering after my third year of studying Civil Engineering. I couldn’t have made a better decision. A typical day is hectic and exciting. You never know what a day of work is going to bring you. [Read More]

Michael Downs

Michael Downs – Trainer

I got into this career after I had moved into the area and started to look for potential places of employment. Sekisui came to me highly recommended. Even though I have not been in my current position very long, I would describe it as challenging and enjoyable. [Read More]

Lucas Allen

Lucas Allen – AppLab™ Specialist, Building Products Market

After 15 years in the construction industry as a carpenter, seven of those being self-employed, I decided to search for a job that provided a level of pay, benefits, and job security that would allow me to better provide for my family. SEKISUI SPI offered [Read More]

Lance Spotts

Lance Spotts – Tool Designer

I have been working for nine years as a Tool Designer. What I love most about my job is learning new technology. The industry is advancing at a rapid pace. New software, fixturing, cutting tools and machinery are becoming available daily. [Read More]

Kevin Baker

Kevin Baker – VP of Engineering/Sales/Service

I was raised around tools and equipment, and have always had a passion to solve problems through design. I did product design (engineer) before becoming VP of Engineering/ Sales/ Service. [Read More]

kent Engle

Kent Engle – Marketing Coordinator

I coordinate advertising and marketing efforts and budget planning. I do a lot of photography, graphic design, and ad creation, as well as big-picture decision-making about the best way to promote the products we manufacture. [Read More]

Emmy Ritt

Emmy Ritt – Engine Assembler

I am an engine assembler on the production line, and I have been in my current role for about six weeks. As a new hire, I am eager to learn as much as possible about my role, the company, and manufacturing. Every day, I have the opportunity to learn new tasks and improve upon the tasks I have previously learned. [Read More]

Corey Eberhart

Corey Eberhart – Service Tech

I grew up working on farms and was familiar with the equipment we manufacture. I began at Pik Rite as an assembler four years ago, and over the past three years I became a service technician. [Read More]


Cherrish Funk – Engine Assembler

I applied here at Lycoming Engines because it was strongly related to the field I wanted to work in and make a career out of. What I love most about my job is I learn very quickly, so I have been able to learn a lot about the trim line in a very short amount of time. [Read More]

Adam Hockenbrock

Adam Hockenbrock – Welder/Assembler

I went to Penn College of Technology for welding, and came here in my last year of school to work in welding. I have been building and assembling vacuum tanks for five years. [Read More]

John Courtney

John Courtney – Snowboard and Ski Shaper

John Courtney Occupation: Snowboard and Ski Shaper Industry: Snowsports Manufacturing Employer: Gilson Snowboard and Ski Co. City Where You Work: Winfield, PA Age: 24 Please tell us about what do you do and how long you have been doing it. I have been working with [Read More]


Carmen Malt – Quality Technician

I have been with Sekisui SPI for more than 5 years and have continued to grow within this company. The reason I love doing my job as much as I do, is here at Sekisui SPI they believe in in-house advancement. If you come to work every day and do your job to the best of your abilities, you can be promoted to [Read More]

Chaz Hampton

Chaz Hampton – Artist, Designer, Fabricator, & Curator

As a self-trained artist, designer and fabricator most of my “training” has come from trial and error and a willingness to take risks. I have been fortunate to get some breaks along the way that have enabled me to do what I love most days. [Read More]


Paul Hodges – Co-founder, Business Owner

I am co-owner of Soltech Solutions alongside Mike Planer and Chris Clark. We have been developing green lifestyle products for a few years although the Aspect was our first product to hit the market a year ago. We got into manufacturing because we found a [Read More]

Tylar Botera

Tylar Botera – Quality Systems Coordinator

I have been a Quality Systems Coordinator for one month. I got into this career because I wanted to apply my chemistry degree to manufacturing. [Read More]

Rachel Krieg

Rachel Krieg – Health, Safety, Environmental Specialist

I maintain and implement health, safety, and environmental programs, policies, and procedures. I have been with GKN Sinter Metals for one-and-a-half years. [Read More]

Kansas Miller

Kansas Miller – Operator

My typical work day is extremely busy. I like that my job keeps me busy and I get to work with great co-workers. [Read More]

Joe Botera

Joe Botera – Metallurgist

I have been a metallurgist for nine months, a position that involves applied lab work. I love being able to use problem solving skills to achieve better quality products. [Read More]

Frank Barber

Frank Barber – Manufacturing Engineer

I work with vision systems and part marking systems, and I design equipment. I appreciate the tons of opportunity that comes with this job, as well as the fact that I have something to show for the work I do on a daily basis. [Read More]

Brody Vasko

Brody Vasko – Forge Setup

I am a forge setup making connecting rods for GM Motors, and I’ve been here for almost five years. I enjoy working with my hands and fixing things. [Read More]

Brett Martin

Brett Martin – Machine Operator

I move parts through various manufacturing processes and constantly inspect parts for quality. I’ve been doing this for roughly two years. It pays well, and it’s something I know how to do well. [Read More]

Amanda Vossler

Amanda Vossler – HR Generalist

I have been working here for 1.5 years doing HR administrative duties, recruitment, policies, employee relations, etc. I wanted to be in a business setting like a manufacturing plant. [Read More]

Aleshia Marshall

Aleshia Marshall – Account Representative

I have been working at Miller Welding & Machine Co. for a year and three months. Throughout this time period, I have learned so much about the manufacturing industry, app development, and myself. I manage several large accounts, one being Volvo Construction Equipment, and ensure that they are satisfied [Read More]

Adam Earle

Adam Earle – Forge Setup

I set up and operate forge presses to manufacture connecting rods. I’ve been doing it for seven years. A typical day at work is fun and challenging. I’m always learning new things. [Read More]


Tyler Plachko – Lab Technician

During my lead up to graduation from Millersville University with a BS in Biology, I was offered a job by Turkey Hill Dairy in their QA lab and my career has blossomed from there. My experience working for Yuengling as a seasonal helper while on two summer breaks made me an ideal candidate for a full time job [Read More]


Theresa Szilagyi

As do many young people after high school, I needed a full time job while putting myself through college. My first job was as a Machine operator for Dixie Cup. After less than a year on the job I was promoted to Quality Control Technician. [Read More]

Robert Schumacher

Robert Schumacher – PLC Tech Supervisor

I started in manufacturing straight out of school and have been a PLC Tech for 5 years. I enjoy working with new technology. [Read More]

Mike Knipe

Mike Knipe – Packer A

It makes me feel good knowing I’m packing and shipping quality material to customers that rely on it and Sapa recognizes employees who care and I’m one of those. [Read More]

Mike Platt

Michael Platt – Operations Director and Plant Manager

I started working on the manufacturing floor and held various positions – from department supervisor to production control manager. After many years of attending school on nights and weekends, I was able to earn my MBA. [Read More]

Mark Dickson

Mark Dickson – Custom Woodworker

I come from a background in construction, but decided that inside work with opportunity for a higher level of skill and creativity was a better route to take which is why I wanted to get into manufacturing as my career. [Read More]

Josh Galloway

Josh Galloway – Welder

I have been a welder and wood fabricator for over 2 years. I got into manufacturing when I saw an ad for manufacturing jobs at Boyce Products. [Read More]


Jason Kalyan – Industrial Electrician

I started my career in manufacturing by attending the Pennsylvania College for Technology for electrical occupations. The job is exciting and never monotonous, and provides a constant challenge of skills and knowledge helping me stay on the cutting edge of the industries technology. [Read More]

Jakob Gordon

Jakob Gordon – Mechanical Engineer

I started in manufacturing as an intern while I was at Penn State Harrisburg and was hired full time once I graduated. I enjoy working with the different customers and designing custom fire trucks to serve their needs. It never gets boring. [Read More]

Greg Rhodes

Greg Rhodes – Welder, Lead Man Prefabrication

I became interested in manufacturing, and my field of work, through one of my Grandfather’s Friends and it took off from there. I have been in welding & fabrication since my Freshman year in high school. [Read More]

David Reber

David J. Reber – Shift Supervisor

I started in manufacturing shortly after high school, as my parents could not afford to send me to college. I was born and raised on a farm, worked before and after school on the farm, and started employment at age 12, working construction as a laborer, for South Manheim Township. [Read More]

Bailey Quick

Bailey Quick – CNC Machine Operator

I was introduced to manufacturing through a robotics program at Honesdale High School. I currently work 3 & 5th axis CNC machines and work for Boyce Products sanding, milling, and finishing parts for products. [Read More]

Cody Keeseler

Cody Keesler – CNC Programmer, Machinist

I became interested in manufacturing after my classes in high school that focused on CNC machining. From there, I went to Alfred State NY for Mechanical Design & Engineering. My education led me to Boyce Products and I have been enjoying what I do ever since. [Read More]


Katie Gallagher – Human Resources Manger

I decided to start working in manufacturing after discovering the vast opportunities in this industry while earning my MBA. It’s such a dynamic industry that offers so many challenges and rewards. Being a part of a growing business is very exciting because there is always something new and exciting happening! [Read More]

Trieu Nguyen

Trieu Nguyen – Assembler/Operator – Rotor Hub Assembly

I was a mechanic looking for a career change, and liked what I heard about LORD and their manufacturing operations. I have worked for LORD in the Rotor Cell group since August 2004. [Read More]

Tri Nguyen

Tri Nguyen – Sr Technologies, Operations – New Production Development

Ever since I was young, I have enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together. I started working in a manufacturing shop after high school. I was at the entry level and did jobs no one else wanted to do. [Read More]

Tom Crail JR

Tom Crail, Jr. – Welder/Fabricator

I got into manufacturing because my dad is a welder and he educated me on the benefits of manufacturing growing up. [Read More]

Luke Aaron

Luke Aaron – Electrical Engineer

I had an interest in manufacturing from several college classes and was recommended by a classmate of mine. I enjoy that I often have the opportunity to get creative in order to solve problems. [Read More]

Kyle Hansen

Kyle Hansen – Precast

I got into manufacturing when a family member told me about the job at Onex. I make cement precast shapes. After we pour the shapes into molds wait for them to dry, we place them in a furnace from 750-2000 degrees to completely dry them out. [Read More]

John Stull

John Stull – HR Manager

I have always been interested in hands on activities growing up; construction work, working on my dirt bikes & ATV, working on my vehicles. In high school, I was able to take classes that further peaked my interest, such as Wood Shop, Drafting, CAD, and Architecture. [Read More]

Alexis Bossard

Alexis Bossard – Marketing Coordinator

I got into manufacturing when I applied for a position as an intern during my senior year of college for a company who had no experience with marketing. After graduation, they offered me a full-time position to implement our goals we had mapped out during my internship. [Read More]

Wei-Shin Lai

Wei-Shin Lai – CEO

I got into manufacturing by accident. I just wanted headphones that I could wear in bed, but since there weren’t any, my husband and I invented them. [Read More]

Michael Angelico

Michael Angelico – Production Engineer

I have always wanted to work in manufacturing, even since my high school years. While completing my Chemical Engineering degree at Villanova University, I interned for 2 years at Proctor & Gamble’s Gillette manufacturing plant in Boston, MA. [Read More]

Karen Norheim

Karen Norheim – Executive Vice President

I didn’t choose to go into manufacturing. It chose me. To be more precise, my father asked me to work with him at his company, American Crane. Although our company does exciting work as a leading manufacturer of cranes, hoists, and other material handling equipment, I didn’t exactly join willingly. [Read More]


Jean-Marc Desheraud – Plant Manager

I became interested in manufacturing during my last year in college when I did an internship in a factory and I liked the direct interaction with people, the possibilities to do a “smart” job without sitting all day at a desk. [Read More]

Chelsey Sassine

Chelsey Sassine – Yield Accounting Reporting Lead

I started out in manufacturing as a technical advisor doing new unit inspections and commissioning for refineries and petrochemical plants around the world. From there I expanded my refining knowledge by becoming a process engineer in the technical services department at Monroe. [Read More]


Mark Rohlfing – Vice President of Operations

I started my career with Almac as a quality manager and worked in that position for over 13 years. I now help lead Almac’s overall clinical supply operations in Souderton, PA. I currently help lead Almac’s overall clinical supply operations in Souderton, PA. I have [Read More]


Kayla Williams – Production Engineer

While studying chemical engineering at the University of Pittsburgh, I completed four co-op rotations, three of which were in a manufacturing plant that produced packaging coatings. These rotations made me realize how much I enjoy working in a plant environment, and I knew that I [Read More]

Bob Kirst

Bob Kirst – President

I went into manufacturing because of our family business, which is currently in its 4th generation. I love creating job opportunities for employees and seeing ideas become projects and projects become a product. [Read More]


Matthew Miller – Assistant Profit Center Supervisor/Machinist

While in high school, I had the opportunity to visit the Somerset County Technology Center. The machining aspect is what really made me decide to go into the current position that I am in today. [Read More]


Matt Donaldson – Associate Product Manager

As an Associate Product Manager, every day is exciting and new! From working on new projects to continuously making existing products better every day is unique. [Read More]

Christopher Wilson

Christopher Wilson – CNC Machinist

I am the lead CNC lathe machinist at Billet Industries. My first priority is to make sure the team of guys have everything they need to machine parts whether it be programming, tooling, machine setup, training, documentation, etc. [Read More]

Kathy Prime

Kathy Prime – Chief Learning and Talent Development Officer

I recently joined the manufacturing industry after a long career in the financial services industry. Looking to bring new talent attracting and development ideas to a high performing local manufacturing and real estate company who is facing the need to hire co-workers in the next 5 years due to growth, retirements [Read More]

Justin Ettinger

Justin Ettinger – Tool & Die Maker Apprentice

I started my manufacturing career at a small metal stamping company. I worked there for three years as a press operator prior to joining CTE in the same capacity. Since then I had the opportunity to get into CTE’s apprenticeship program. [Read More]

Grady Erdman

Grady Erdman – Tool & Die Maker

I really liked working with my hands and I knew college wasn’t for me. I wanted to get into an apprenticeship. New Concept Technology offered me a job in their apprenticeship program and I accepted. [Read More]

Brad Shockey

Brad Shockey | Director, Order Management

I’ve always been interested in manufacturing since my days at Penn State where we studied the Continuous Flow process with Professor Norm Aggon. My educational background in Supply Chain helped me land the job. [Read More]

Ronnie Medlock

Ronnie Medlock – Engineer, VP Technical Services

As a college graduate, I began working for TxDOT (the equivalent of PennDOT in Texas), with responsibility for steel bridge fabrication oversight. Later I moved to the private sector and actual steel bridge fabrication when I joined High Steel in 2006. [Read More]


Liza Fulks – Packaging Manager

I started my career in manufacturing at a large snack food company, where I worked for about four years prior to joining Tröegs. My focus was on manufacturing leadership, which included production supervision, operations planning, and quality assurance. As Packaging Manager, I work with our [Read More]


Christina Jansure – VP Sales & Marketing

I transitioned out of my career from being a Marketing Coordinator for a Physical Therapy firm to become the Sales & Marketing Coordinator for Jeannette Specialty Glass in 2008. I was intrigued and excited with Jeannette Specialty Glass and actually being a part of “making” [Read More]

Michael Perbonish

Michael Perbonish – Plant Manager

I got started in manufacturing in 1996 at a die shop as a QA inspector. I love that I am always challenged by the job and the employees. [Read More]

Cathy Chis

Cathy Chis – President

As an engineer, I have been in manufacturing since my first job with Westinghouse out of college. I love manufacturing. It is amazing that some hundreds of components can be assembled into equipment that will be used by a military base for submarine battery charging, or jet aircraft ground support [Read More]

Ken Codeluppi

Ken Codeluppi – President/owner

Since I had graduated from West Virginia University with an industrial engineering degree (1971) and with an MBA from Temple in 1980, I decided to become an entrepreneur instead of staying in the corporate world at age 32. [Read More]

William Powers

William Powers – President/CEO

Being a small company I wear a lot of hats so my typical day can range from design & engineering to marketing and customer support. I would have to say there really is not “typical day”. Every day is different and challenging. [Read More]

Kurt Cocco

Kurt Cocco – Glass Department Supervisor

I started working in manufacturing at 16 in production during summer vacation for school to make money. Came on full-time at 19 while going to a tech school. I love that I am challenged every day and the busy pace of my current job. [Read More]

Chuck Thompkins

Chuck Thompkins – Inventory and Purchasing Lead

I got started in the manufacturing industry because I saw an ad in the paper. I love knowing that a lot of people depend on me to do my job and do it well. [Read More]

Chris Santora

Chris Santora – Production Supervisor

I got started in manufacturing when I was talking to a friend about a job and he told me about where he worked and told me they were hiring. I love problem solving and servicing the customer. [Read More]


Sarah DeWald – Director of Corporate Operations

Working for a start-up and seeing the product from the development to market seemed really exciting. I love that my job is so unpredictable. Some days I’m sitting at my desk working on financials and then I’ll be helping out in the back with assembly or QC. [Read More]

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